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Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Back to China's Three Kingdoms era    

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Command your troops in battle and claim victory for your nation!

Rage of 3 Kingdoms (R3K) is a (MMO) massively multiplayer military strategy “browser game” which reminds you back to ther era of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms, to relive unadulterated political conflict and military skirmishes.

R3K or (Rage of 3 Kingdoms) allows you to experience unprecedented combat without being – wholly reliant on item boosts. Powerful generals, diverse unit types and equipment with varied stats will assist you in world domination.

Choose your favorite kingdoms and heroes to be the greatest ruler of China through this online game

You Can choose from over 600 legendary generals, and develop more than 100 special abilities and units. Develop your kingdom to provide the necessary resources to build your military might, and engage in exciting land and sea missions to take control of the land.


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Rage of 3 Kingdoms
Rage of 3 Kingdoms
Rage of 3 Kingdoms
Rage of 3 Kingdoms
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